Shoeboxed – Mail, email or upload your paper mess away

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I’ve been testing this out for a few months now, I think it’s going to be a blessing for next year’s taxes! They have a “Netflix-like” pre-paid envelope system which is awesome, I just mail off stuff I need scanned & organized and they do it for me and it ends up in a downloadable file with data and an image file too in case I need it. When they are done scanning the items I sent them they send them back with a new envelope (or you can choose the option for Shoeboxed to shred the items).

Another aspect of Shoeboxed are their mobile apps. I haven’t used the phone options very much because my camera phone is pretty limited but I have used the email forwarding option and really like that too. Now I can just forward those emailed receipts to Shoeboxed and it gets categorized ¬†and I can archive the original email with no worries.

The bonus aspect of Shoeboxed is that it’s not just for receipts. I had hundreds of business cards from various conventions and shows scanned for me and I now have it as a CSV file (you can get a variety of files by the way, Google Contacts, EverNote, QuickBooks, etc). Can you imagine just coming from from a con and just dropping all those cards into an envelope and letting someone else deal with them? Or if you’re on the ball, just take camera phone pics of the cards as you get them and send the pics to Shoeboxed, then you wont’ even have to bring the cards home.

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